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Roe V Wade


1973 Roe V Wade Decision Comic Books

This last week of January marks the 33rd anniversary of the Supreme Court's Jan 22 1973 decision legalizing safe abortions. (Thank you.) Recognizing that, here are two comics from that year - each produced as a response right after the decision occurred. First, from the always entertaining Right To Life Organization, we have what seems to be the first pamphlet they ever produced, 1973's "WHO KILLED JUNIOR?" where we learn doctors were dousing women with salt to melt fetuses and were also jabbing and swinging steak knives in
there to chop up babies. Huh. - and from the Head Shop, Hippy, Feminist Side, we have the Left's excellent and calming "ABORTION EVE", also from 1973, where we learn people were happily getting lots of abortions and just liked to talk and talk and talk about it. Both have great back covers, one celebrating Mad Magazine, the other evoking Hitler. I'm not sure which comic wins the argument, but it's a lot of fun to pair them up and read as a set. Quite a tense debate, still, certainly ... Here they are both:

read 1973 "WHO KILLED JUNIOR?"

warning - ugly graphic images

read 1973 "ABORTION EVE" comic

warning - verbose conversation

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