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I have had similar conversations with different people and have come to the same conclusion. The question was, is it better for a group of people to talk amongst themselves on the issues concerning them, or with others as well? For instance, is it better for men to talk about men's issues without the inclusion of women in the discussion?

My thought is that on the subjects of race and sex, people need to have an integrated conversation because without this there are missed opportunities for learning. Issues concerning women about men may not be known to men, and though the behavior of the women may change to decrease the negative result they receive from men, the basic reason for the issue is never fully realized or resolved. For instance, if the topic was how women are treated by men, men may never learn that what they are doing is wrong or why. Though there is a benefit to a "closed" discussion, I feel that ultimately this does not to lead to as much progress as it does venting sessions which yield little to no constructive outcome.

People need to be intergraded more, not separated. As a black person, I experienced racism from white people. I would have assumed that all white people are racist were it not for meeting white people who are not racist. Had I stuck to "my own people", I would have never learned this or various other things about people of different races. As a co-worker told me, she learned that she did not get along with some people not because of their race or sex, but because of the person they were. To me, that was an important point.

How do you all feel about this topic?
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