The Anti-ist (underfiend) wrote in racesexsociety,
The Anti-ist

Is Your Area Hate-Free?

Click below to view the location of hate groups in America:
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I'm surprized that DC is so low, but maybe they aren't counting lobbiest groups they way I am.
Cali has a pretty high number. Most people think of Cali as very liberal racially. That’s not completely off but it tends to be exaggerated. Many people just cluster together in their own cliques and groups within diversity...avoiding one another...and the economic disparity can often be a catalyst to developing segregated racial sociopolitical views/feelings in major metropolitan areas displayed in various contexts (racially motivated gentrification being one of them). There are a few cities where people tend to really have a higher tolerance. Santa Monica is one of them...and places like Berkeley, San Diego, San Francisco, etc.

I thought Arizona would have a higher number. Not surprised about Texas and much of the south and Midwest.

Some states are so predominately white that I guess there is no need for any extreme groups to develop in those areas...Everything is already to their satisfaction (North Dakota, South Dakota, etc). If anything they’d be ideal “race haven retreats” or prime areas to live.
I thought that central/northern CA was pretty conservative -- that that's one of the reasons that school textbooks are so conservative.
I was shocked to see these groups on the map.

Nation of Islam
New Black Panther Party
United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors

To even be in comparison with the white hate groups.
that their registerd like this. I wonder how many underground organizations exist.