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The Society for Race & Sex

Race, Sex, and Society
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This community was created to discuss various societal viewpoints on the issues of race and sexuality, as well as sex and gender roles. Topics discussed will also include cultural relativity and anything else which falls within the realm main topics. I also felt that there was a need for a community where men and women who are interested in working towards equality for all could talk about their ideas and experiences.

I created this community after having a number of conversations on American society and the part that sex and race play in normal day-to-day interactions. I became curious, wondering if the concepts that I had come to believe were true or a result of limited exposure. Hopefully, this community will serve as a base to enlighten people who are interested in learning, as well as give its members permission to ask questions, find answers to the problems which enable inequality and misunderstandings, and disseminate information on the subjects of race and sex.


This is a place for intelligent conversation; therefore, please think before making a post.

This community welcomes everyone; however, membership to the community will be moderated.

Please respect all members of the community and the moderator.

No name-calling, personal insults, flaming, trolling, or baiting.

Freedom of speech is supported, but, not everyone may like each other or their preferences.

Healthy debate is ok, but be expected to back up your point, and provide evidence or support.

Any post that breaks the rule of common civility and mutual respect will be deleted.

Picture and introduction posts are ok as it is a good way for us to get to know each other, however, please use lj-cut when posting photos and long entries.

Please do not bash people of any race, creed, belief system, or otherwise.

Intolerance is neither desired nor encouraged here.

Any person who repeatedly willfully posts or suggests content which is not constructive to the discussion will be banned.

These rules may change and grow as time progresses.